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I've been thinking about email for a while, and decided to start writing some of those thoughts down. http://ghic.org/~diane/what-about-email.html
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@clake as for "most email goes through gmail"

Maybe most person to person email touches gmail.

But I get a lot of notification emails that never touch gmail. Twitter, and github send messages directly, several newsletters are either direct or via a service like mailchimp.

It's because of "transactional" messages like these that make it hard to completely opt out of email

Diane Trout at 2017-03-23T18:08:44Z

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>> Diane Trout:

“@jankusanagi@datamost.com I haven't managed to figure out how to subscribe to someone over Google's s2s connection since they deprecated it. But people I subscribed to prior to the spam waves still work. They didn't remove it must made it really hard to use”

Well, first they'd need to be using their account from a standard XMPP client, or set GMail's web interface chat to "Classic" or "Old" or whatever's called.

Bonus points if the person doing that gives them feedback to going back to """old chat""" such as "I want XMPP federation, not Hangouts silo" ;)

Secondly, as you probably know, your server would need to have very lax encryption settings. I don't recall the exact name of the things, but something that most XMPP servers agreed to require back in 2014 or so, that GMail, of coooourse, doesn't.

So yes, Google made it quite hard to use. I wonder why they didn't just kill it completely...

JanKusanagi at 2017-03-23T19:13:40Z

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Well, at least prosody allows you to add a whitelist of servers for which strict verification of SSL is not enforced (and comes with gmail.com as the example content), so it is possibile to talk with people on gtalk without having to allow substandard settings with everybody else.

It's definitely not something that I'd like to depend on, however, just something that currently makes it somewhat easy to have a migration plan to something else that doesn't require to be all-or-nothing-now.

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2017-03-24T17:47:37Z

@diane Good point!

@JK@DM So much evil to do, so little time.

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